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Yahoo takeover


Exclusive! I happened to be in the room for the initial conversations between MSFT and Yahoo. Here is a blow-by-blow account of what transpired:

Bill Gates: “Jerry! Good to Blah Blah Blah you again!”

Jerry Yang:  “Bill! Steve! Blah. blah blah ba blah.”

Steve Ballmer: “Bah-BLAh blah blah… lunch…. blah blah-ba-ba-ba-BA-blah.”

Jerry Yang: “Bah Bah Blah. BLAH BLAH… thanks…wife will kill me if I eat red meat…ba blah blah. BLAH BLAH!”

Bill Gates: “But, Jerry, Ba Blah. Road ahead. Blah blah. Mustard, not mayo. Blah Blah. And you know about that Blah that happened when you blah blah. We can Blah that whole thing and blah blah you and your family for life.”

Jerry Yang: “Ba Blah Togos not Quiznos. Ba Blah Softbank. Bah blah-blah blah chips. Blah blah blah blah. Stockholder shares. Blah Blah. No blah blah chips.”

Steve: “Blah bah-blah Softbank? Bah Blah blah blah Bah BLAH! — Jan, bring pickles!– blah blah BAH!”

Jerry: “Oh no you DIDN’T!

Bill: “What Steve is trying to blah blah…”

Jerry: “Oh SNAP! Bah blah! Y’all are BLAHING each other under the blah. I’m so shopping this blah all over the blah. Blah your blah up your blah-bah!!” (leaves room)

Bill: “Steve, I can’t believe you blah blah the chips. Typical blah bah blah. …Mother Blah-blah!”


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