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I’ll believe it when I see it


NEW YORK (Reuters) – The 1970s hit the catwalk at New York Fashion Week in not only style but price, with budget shoe brand Payless ShoeSource providing footwear valued at less than $45 a pair for three designer shows.

In contrast to the Manolo Blahniks used by other designers — that sell for several hundred dollars — Payless hit the runway with shoes created and shown by Abaete by Laura Poretzky, Lela Rose and Stacey Bendet for Alice + Olivia.

“Can you believe — Payless? They look like Louboutins,” Rose said as she held her gray wool pumps, referring to French designer Christian Louboutin, whose shoes fetch $600 a pair or more in luxury department stores.

You gotta hand it to Target. They have really shaken up the consumer market. They fell into their whole “design for everyone” concept, courtesy of Mossimo. The company swooped in to save the failing brand and found themselves in the midst of a reactionary revolution. Discount need not mean cheesy moo-moo. Now here’s Payless trying to get in on the act.

Target’s tactics continue to influence the up-scale as well as the discount marts, but…I REFUSE to believe Payless has anything even vaguely resembling a Louboutin.

Anybody who knows me knows that I love shoes. Hell, I dream shoes. They know me by name at DSW, for God’s sake. If I find $600 design for $15 that actually looks like $600…well, I can’t even describe the mess I’ll cause pushing canvas slip-ons out of my way to get to them. Passersby will think Britney & her peeps are inside sipping frapps because I will cause one hell of a commotion.

But, let’s face facts: those plastic shoes probably look & smell like plastic shoes. Press hype can’t make an ugly product pretty.


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