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Vote your party…as long as there’s a keg.

Oh, man. This year’s primary elections are turning into a real nail-biter!

If it’s the French Fry Guy (Rambo McCain) vs. the String Puppet (HilDawg) — seriously, look the weird way her mouth moves! — then it’s a no-brainer choice for me. But if it comes down to French Fry and Denzel Junior (GetBackBarack), I’m gonna need to find a mighty big coin to toss when I get to the polls in November.

I’ve had madĀ props for them both over the years, so I just don’t know who to cheer on. About two years ago, I placed a bet with a friend that Obama would be our first African-American president and I may yet win that bet if he goes up against that dork MitWit (Romney). But if he goes against the FryGuy…. well, I just don’t know.

This is gonna be down to the wire, Giants vs. Patriots-style!


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