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Want to play a game?

I have this visual in my mind¬†of Matthew Broderick sitting at an old-school green screen terminal with a phone¬†modem, tapping away on a clickity-clack keyboard, asking Ally Sheedy to go get him a Coke from his mom’s fridge…

Threats from everywhere in ‘cyber storm’

By The Associated Press Thu Jan 31, 7:55 PM ET

TESTING OUR DEFENSES: In the middle of the biggest-ever “Cyber Storm” war game to test the nation’s hacker defenses, someone quietly targeted the very computers used to conduct the exercise.

THE CULPRIT? The players themselves, the same government and corporate experts responsible for detecting and fending off attacks against vital computer systems, according to files obtained by The Associated Press.

REALITY GAME: The $3 million war game simulated what the U.S. describes as plausible attacks against the technology industry, transportation lines and energy utilities by anti-globalization hackers.


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