I’m no expert but…

…I don’t think McCain’s camp is doing such a great job on media preparation. I’m listening to the debate right now (48 minutes into it) and Obama is kicking the old guy’s butt all over the place. B.O. is totally polished and commanding — every time he speaks, he says something constructive & concrete. While MickeyC kind of rambles a bunch of reactive blurble. Bummer, man.

As a staunch fence-sitter, I’m open to voting for the right guy TEAM for the job. I really thought McC had the guts and deserved the glory, but first he chooses a lame running mate and now he makes a passive showing of the debate. …eek. It looks like Obamarama and Biden (I don’t have a good funny name for him because he’s like old dry toast) are going to be the dudes to party with come November.

(“Orgy of spending” – LOL! That phrase alone may earn my vote!)



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2 responses to “I’m no expert but…

  1. Jack F

    Really? I thought McCain kicked elitist ass. McCain looked presidential throughout, and Obama looked defensive and stuck on automatic.

  2. Did we watch the same debate? Come on! Be honest with yourself! You’re showing your partisan prejudice. (I love partisan cheese grated over pizza and pasta, but not over my politics).

    My one regret about going on vacation this week is that I might not get to see Sarah Palin screw up her debate on Thursday. I’m sure they’ll have a nice recap on SNL, though.

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