DiTry 2.0

Welcome to the New and Improved DiTrying!  Well, it’s not really new. And “improved” is really sort of a qualitative, arbitrative description. “Different than 10 minutes ago” is probably a better way to explain the site’s changes, which were made in part because I craved better “blogside appeal” (I’ve lately been addicted to real estate shows on HDTV). Oh, and because I was kinda bored this afternoon.

DiTrying is your web source for not-so-timely news, questionable logic, and twisted commentary. Given her busy schedule as a lazy semi-middle-aged woman who spends her evenings inhaling Snyder’s hard pretzels, it is not always possible for Di to post every day despite the many, many, many requests from fans and stalkers who crave daily content. To you, gentle reader, I say: “Suck it.”


Smoochie smoochie!

— Di



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4 responses to “DiTry 2.0

  1. Cheryl

    WTF. Word on the street has it you have 3 siblings, I only see 2.

  2. maybe the third one wasn’t groovy enough to make the scene that day.

  3. Daniel J

    You only get 1/2 sibling credit, since you have the postman’s brown eyes.

  4. I’m the oldest, so I guess I better comment on this controversy.

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