Business quote of the day

“You may be concerned that only you think your boss is an asshole. For this issue I offer the “Kawasaki Theory of Perfect Information About Assholes.” It goes like this: If you think your boss is an asshole, most likely everyone else does too. It’s seldom true that you think someone is an asshole, and everyone else thinks he’s great.”

– Guy Kawasaki, “Is Your Boss an Asshole?” **

I think the above quote can be applied to pretty much anyone: boss, “friend”, spouse, teacher, … If you think he’s an asshole, he probably is. Unless you yourself are an asshole, which is a whole other problem all together.


**For those of you unfamilar with Guy Kawasaki, he’s a well-known venture capitalist dude and technology evangelist here in the Silicon Valley.  He also served on the team that brought Apple’s Macintosh to the masses back in the early 80s. I had the good fortune to work with Guy in the past and was surprised by how cool he was considering that he probably should have been just a typical nouveau riche I’m-better-than-you snob (which always kills me, by the way, because most of  the “millionaires” in the Valley just plain got lucky). Anyway, Guy’s blog is worth a read if you’re interested in the tech scene. Or if you just want more help understanding the assholes in your life.


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