Where the hell have I been?

Jesu Cristo, I am worn out! The last two weeks have been murder. Or maybe it’s just that I feel murderous.

This is the high season for those of us in the consumer antivirus world. Most vendors hit the shelves with new products in the early fall (August, September), but the majority of the strategic decisions & marketing efforts happen in the late spring through early summer. Which means I am, to quote Mr. Higgins (Peter Jennings’ coverage of OJ’s standoff), “all deep up in this.”

Today is another one of those days. My creative juices are pretty damn dried up. What few are still swooshing around belong to determining product box creatives, copy text, and other related silliness intended to make you all run to the store with your wallets opened. In addition to the usual round of work today and conference calls very late this evening, we also have a friend visiting with us from Southern Cal for a day or so. While I love guests, I fear that my ability to entertain will not exactly be up to Martha Stewart level. No crown roast with the little paper leg hats tonight. He’ll have to make do with a HungryMan and a can of Coors.

Luckily, my better half (aka Mr. DT) and I did manage to sneak away for three days this weekend, in spite of the insanity, for a romantic little side-trip to Las Vegas. We had such a great time and enjoyed such wonderful v.i.p. treatment that I pretty much forgot all my work woes (ok. I will admit that I checked the Blackberry a few times). The folks at Paris really spoiled us rotten with all sorts of treats (rose petals, champagne & strawberries, yummy dinner, romantic tower tour, breakfast in bed, …) & made us feel like high rollers (though I don’t think we actually even gambled in their casino). We’ll definitely be back to visit them again. Heck, I may even drop a buck into a penny machine next time.

…but the weekend is over and I’m back to work. I’ve got all new pet peeves to share, as well as a new award category to bestow upon some lucky weiners winners, just as soon as I get through some more work ickiness. So come back and visit in a day or so. I promise I shall return!


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One response to “Where the hell have I been?

  1. Evan

    Welcome back Di! I stopped checking for a few days after a week had passed on your coming soon message.

    Now the morning after my ice hockey team was eliminated from the finals I decided to sneek a peek at DT for a smile before work. I found a veritable CORNucopia (ugh I know but its early) of fresh rants to season my breakfast and spike my OJ!

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