Oooie GUI

Oh, WordPress. Why hath you abandoned me?

My gracious host for this site, WordPress, once had a nice administrative user interface. It was easy to navigate, straightforward, and fast. Last week, they decided to push out some sort of new version, for no reason I can surmise. And, as is common with all of us in software, they decided to restructure the whole flipping thing — rendering it a confusing, slow, and nearly unusable mess. Publishing posts (espcially with images) is much more complicated and time-consuming now for me.

So why did they do this, you may ask? I don’t really know. But I’ll let you in on a little secret about software engineers: they hate you.

Engineers love to tinker and change their products, though they hate fixing problems; they only like working on the sexy stuff, like UIs and silly user features. So just when you, the user, get nice and comfy with something, the engineering team comes along and changes it because, they say, you want something different. Uh. No you don’t. You just want stuff to work. I know this, you know this, but engineers apparently don’t.

So, WordPress engineering gets the finger today.


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  1. Gotta agree. I went to do a new post yesterday and WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO! You’re exactly right, of course. Software engineers gotta keep making useless changes if they want to still have jobs.

    (I’m still using Word 2002, and I just know they’re gonna find a way to stop me soon.)

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