If you plan to jump the border, don’t go to Maine


Astute readers of my site can probably surmise that my beliefs are fairly middle of the road. I’m neither staunch Republican nor hardcore Democrat. I’m more like a moderate Republocrat. My personal dogma is kind of loosely based upon the 10 Commandments, except that I would add “thou shalt not hate people for stupid ass prejudiced reasons”, “thou shalt not try to twist God’s words into messages of hate”, and “thou shalt get a friggin sense of humor and stop flipping out over episodes “Murphy Brown”, “Chappelle’s Show” and all other such stuff because God is annoyed with you bugging Him with that crap.” Simple logic and personal responsibilty.

So that said, I have to admit my support of Republican congressional candidate, Dean Scontras, for taking a hard line against illegal immigration in Maine. While some might call his vision of an “Ellis Island 2.0” a tad heavy-handed, I have to give the guy props. Instead of running from an issue that could (pardon the pun) alienate some of the newly sworn and naturalized citizens in his voter population, this guy is calling the current passive government in his state to the carpet. That takes big huevos.

Now, I don’t live in Maine. The closest I’ve ever been is Cape Cod, where I once ate two lobsters by myself and attempted to creep my hand onto my father-in-law’s plate before he stabbed me with a fork. But I like what Scontras is saying about immigration policies and I do believe that every state feeds into the overall national policy.

Hey, and they have delicious lobster in Maine so I’m also down with that. Our lobsters in California suck.



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2 responses to “If you plan to jump the border, don’t go to Maine

  1. outsider222


    I had read one sentence when I knew you were not from Maine.

    You don’t want to live here. I was conned out of my home by a real estate agent who is now running for state congress.

    The way life should be.

  2. Jesse

    i met the man and liked what he had to say. unfortunately dean didn’t have much of a fighting chance against summers. the upper levels bureaucrats already made their choice.

    scontras wasn’t in my district anyway, and even if he was id have a hard time voting for him because of his positions on foreign policy. although, he seemed like a reasonable guy and i can only hope he is willing to look at some of the issues in a different light.

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