советник (Russian for Spin Doctor)


In 1990, Russia declared its independence from the previous Soviet regime. A scant 18 years later, some dude named Igor Volodin has introduced vodka marketed to Russia’s wealthy female population. What a country!

Igor is a smart cookie. Or blintz. He’s taken a basic mainstream product (vodka) in a super-saturated market and turned it into a luxury item, packaged and priced specifically for urban-dwelling upper income women — think “Real Housewives of Moscow”. Damskaya (or “Ladies”) flavored vodkas are packaged in lavender bottles and are apparently flying off the shelves, thanks to a slick sexy ad campaign. My favorite hook of the campaign pushes consumers to “sip” the drink along with salad after a visit to the gym.

Brilliant! I don’t know why I’ve been drinking water after hitting the gym. Seems so unhealthy to me now…


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