MicroGoogle Deathmatch

It’s going to be a full on cage match to the death, folks. In one corner of the octagon is long-time ass-kicking champion, Microsoft. In the other is aggressive trash-talking challenger, Google. — The geeky tech world version of Hughes vs. Ortiz, for you fight fans.

MSFT has just stepped up their game a little bit more by announcing plans to acquire Danger, a mobile device start-up. They already have one of the most popular mobile OS platforms out in the OEM world, but now they are getting greedy and they want the rest.

This move is hardly a surprise to anyone. Google has been carefully laying the groundwork for their own complete mobile system — from device to apps — for some time now. The MSFT announcement makes it clear that the shark is in the water and going for the kill. These two been brutes are going to duke it out until one of them falls down or goes in front of a grand jury for charges of monopolistic business practices.

Either way, just keep your fat fingers out of the little guys’ pie. You two keep sucking the air out of everything fun in tech! Ah, how I long for the days of Razr Scooter-riding code dorks and huge speculation-driven IPOs…


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