…While we’re on the subject of Wino

The Grammy Awards were held last night. I didn’t watch them because…well, because award shows bore me and “Family Guy” was on Adult Swim. Anywho… Amy “I-found-my-missing-toothcap-under-the-sofa-cushion-and-shoved-it-back-in” Winehouse won for record of the year, song of the year, best new artist and pop female vocal performance.

Ok. Here’s where I get really catty.

“Rehab” is semi-memorable, I guess, and I actually have “I’m No Good” on my iPod. But… COME ON!  This is the best of the best in 2007? One-dimensional, retro re-treads, with tired, non-artistic vocals? Oy vey.

Here’s another great example of what really good (or bad) PR can do for a product. This poor drug-addled girl lives out a daily drama in the press. The paps and journalists (and bloggers. Guilty, as charged) have cranked into overtime and pushed an okay product into a must-hear, amazing product. Other musicians have helped further the push by constantly saying she’s a “genius, though I hope she gets helped”. A “genius”? Really? She’s on plane with Beethoven now, eh?

I ask you, where the hell is Radiohead in all of this?? Layered sounds, poetic lyrics, clear differentiation between songs,… “In Rainbows” didn’t even make the list. For shame, Grammy people!


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