Postin’ pics

Pre-coffee note to the two people (ok. one person.) who have actually been reading this blog:

Yes, I know some of my images are unstable. Yes, I apparently suck at finding stable images. No, I probably won’t get any better at adding them because I can’t help myself when I see a good pic that’s worth stealing.

Now that we’ve gotten that nasty bit of business out of the way, I’m going in to get my coffee and a low-fat, low-cal, low-taste multigrain muffin.


I’ve had my four cups of coffee and English muffin with zero calorie spray, then walked the dog 2 miles…so I’m feeling better now. So good that I did y’all a favor and fixed all my damn pics. Happy now? Now quitcher bitchin’ and go do something besides gawk at the screen all day. It’s Saturday, for crying out loud.


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