11″ of childhood fun

 First we had Bratz, now we have the Paris Hilton doll. Oh, how I wish I had kids!

Chris Rock says that a parent’s number one job is to keep their daughter off the stripper pole. Seems to me that we’re marketing hard to make working the pole just par for the course. Any kid who doesn’t indulge in drugs, threesomes, girl-girl kissing, etc is the weirdo outcast. This is an interesting cultural marketing phenomenon and social experiment. (could permissiveness and lazy work habits be contributing to the continued fall of the US economy? Hmmm… As always, I blame the hippies for starting this mess.)

Well, while we’re being permissive, lazy, and self-indulgent, have fun with this virtual Paris paperdoll. You don’t even want to know the sluttery I did to my Paris, though I am sure Mr. Blackwell would not agree with my choices.


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